Richard's Ring

After having foresworn love, stolen the gold and forged the ring, Alberich is all set to rule the world. Nobody reckons with the greed of the Gods.The end draws near….

Incest and adultery! But Fricka is not amused. As a result, Wotan is forced to allow his only son to be killed by son-in-law Hunding. Fortunately Siegmund has already arranged for a successor….

A fearless hero must now win back the ring with the help of his re-forged sword. As a reward he is allowed to marry one of his many aunts.

Alberich’s denial of love has not prevented him from engaging in reproductive activities. His son, Hagen, now seeks vengeance. This time it is Brünnhilde who is not amused. The Gods experience their long-awaited “Twilight” and the ring lands up back in the Rhine – ready for the whole story to start again.

Richard Vardigans explains and plays Richard Wagner's

Der Ring des Nibelungen

Simply everything (slightly abridged) for beginners and connoisseurs!

Richard's Ring 2021

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Here are some of the places you might have missed Richard's Ring

  • Berlin-Spandau, Zitadelle
  • Berlin-Steglitz, Schwartzsche Villa
  • Berlin-Schöneberg, Tertianum Residenz
  • Dresden Coselpalais
  • Heidelberg, Hilde.Domin-Saal
  • Leipzig, Mendelssohn-Haus
  • Ludwigshafen, Theater im Pfalzbau
  • Osnabrück, Steinwerk Ledenhof
  • Mannheim, Reiss-Engelhorn-Museum
  • Theater Plauen-Zwickau
  • Halle Opernhaus

Ring 4 Kids

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